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About Us

Aspiring to become more than a training centre, we deliver courses to make a difference...


At Training Skills UK we value your initiative in pursuing a career pathway to build your skills. Whether it is to develop employability skills or simply wanting to further your current skills, we understand that it is an investment you make for a better future. As such, we have put together a reliable and experienced team with a personal approach at a professional level. We aim to guide you in your important decision and you can expect accurate and honest information from day one.

With you every step of the way...

The vocational landscape is shaping to be more exciting than ever. With rising demand on workforce across job sectors, this is the time to make a difference and Training Skill UK will support you along the way. Choose from a range of recognised and accredited qualifications from leading awarding bodies designed to build your skills and give you a step ahead.


You can rely on our handpicked team of qualified tutors practiced in their respective fields of expertise to teach and train on your course choice. Your growth is our success and we feel assured in offering you quality services to promote confidence in your skills and future development.



Where have we come from?

We at Training Skills UK, formed our team from a meeting where several senior members of staff from different companies, agreed that we wanted to do more than our former companies were offering in terms of services and quality. We then sought finance backing and on the 2nd of June 2015 we were registered at Companies House and applied for Full Register of Training Organisations (ROTO) application which became successful on the 9th of September 2015.

Since then, and even from before our successful government application, we’ve been working very hard to define our aims vision and values, centring our resources to building up a training centre we can proudly present to the public.

Why choose Training Skills:

• Rising demand on skilled vocational qualified workforce. Discover your potential.

• Recognised by employers. Accredited qualifications from awarding bodies everyone knows.

• The chosen ones. Handpicked qualified tutors to deliver your course.

• You are our success. Focusing on your experience in our training centre is our job.


to assist clients and employers to gain skills, and further their progression and ability to achieve to their true potential.


opportunities for progression both of the labour force or the individual to enhance their own and the community value.


of unemployment or employment to enhance their skills and ability to grow and be part of the success of their community and their own personal skills set.


to gain the ability to grow with assistance to achieve education to a high standard of quality no matter their gender, background, faith or cultural situation.


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